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Welcome to the Family!

Meet the Staff of Waseca County Auto Sales

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Harley - Greeter


Hi, I am Harley I have been here since the very start. My workday consists of greeting our customers at the door, naps,seeing how many treats I can get out of everyone and sunbathing on the black top if its nice out. If you see me running around feel free to come say hi I will never  turn down a new friend.

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Jacob Dougherty - Owner

507-835-4052 - wasecacountyauto@gmail.com

After 12 years as a pipefitter/pipe welder, I was tired of being on the road and away from home. Having always wanted to own my own business, I cashed in my savings and opened the business.Our loyalty and honesty to our customers has made us successful thus far. Hard work, determination, and honesty, make anything possible. Oh, and come visit Harley, our family dog; he’s here at work nearly every day.

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Tristan Hoy - Mechanic

507-835-4052 - service@wasecacountyauto.com

 Hi, I'm Tristan, I started working at Bock's Service in 2014 and it seemed like a good career choice, so I went to Riverland College and got my auto technician degree. Jacob reached out and was looking for help in his service shop and now I have been here since May of 2021. My favorite things to do outside of work are going to the gym, summer league volleyball, and throwing bags.

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Mark Lamont - Mechanic

507-835-4052 - wasecacountyauto@gmail.com

I have been working on vehicles my whole life. When I was kid, I grew up in the auto salvage business where I learned to take vehicles apart and then later learned how to put them back together. I approached Jacob knowing that he hoped to add on the service shop to his ongoing business. I saw growth in the business and knew I could contribute my experience and help the company grow. I find it most rewarding seeing immediate results in my work and knowing I am sending a customer off with a reliable vehicle and happy. I have 3 kids that are grown and out of the house. I spend my free time messing with my co-workers, hunting, racing, and camping.

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Beth Little - Office Manager

507-835-4052 -

    Hello I'm Beth and I moved to Waseca in 2008 from Farmington,MN. Waseca has that small town feel that my home town did when I was younger and I wanted that for my boys. I first bought a vehicle from Jacob in 2016 then when I saw he was hiring I thought "hey why not". I like meeting new people and I've met a lot in the 3 years i have now been here. 

     In my spare time i bake, do crafts, and go see my adult boys. I like to hike as much as I can in summer. I'm always up for a new adventure!

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